It’s a big responsibility hiring a speaker for your next meeting or event. There are so many choices available and your future may rely on picking the right one. It probably seems that there are a lot of people who want to tell you what content they want to present.

Companies and associations hire me to present the content they need. While the fundamentals of good leadership are pretty universal, one type of presentation doesn’t fit every audience. Whether a keynote, seminar, or breakout session, I’ll work with you to customize the presentation to your organization’s needs.

I provide:

1. Focused programs based on more than 35 years of experience.
I’m exclusively a leadership speaker. I do not speak on several topics “and leadership.” I provide actionable information from extensive experience so audience members come away from a presentation with new ideas and the ability to act on those ideas. I can provide programs in the areas of:

– Leadership training and development

– Employee motivation and engagement

– Team building and team leadership

– Change management

– Strategic Planning

2. Interactive programs that grab an audience and keep their interest.
Your audience probably doesn’t want to sit through another lecture: they want to be entertained while they learn. People learn better and retain more when they’re involved. My presentations keep participants active in the discussion and they’ll wonder where the time went.

3. An easy experience for you, the meeting planner.
I’ve spoken in all sorts of venues, from grand ballrooms to noisy aircraft ramps with running aircraft – I’m not terribly picky. No matter what your particular situation, I will work with you to make the event, and you, a smashing success.

Here are some examples of the type of program I can develop for you.


Balancing the Generations
A Leader’s Guide to the Complex, Multi-Generational, 21st Century Workplace

Do you know: What three significant events between 1900 and 1945 have impacted every generation since?

Who really led the counter-culture of the 1960’s and 1970’s?

What broad influence has made a majority of the Millennial Generation significantly different? (Hint: It isn’t computers)

The workplace has become a melting pot of 5 different generations. The differences in those generations often result in conflict and many leaders are not well equipped to handle that conflict. One of the biggest contributing factors is that most people don’t have an understanding of the influences each generation experiences.

The audience will learn: Why 5 generations really matter in the workplace – How leaders can avoid generational conflict – How to be an effective leader in today’s multi-generational workplaces. This is a must see presentation for anyone born between 1900 and 2000! While especially targeted to leaders, especially mid-level leaders, it is applicable to anyone working in a multi-generational workplace. One audience member said “Now I understand my mother!”

The Art of Not Motivating

Why Leaders Should Stop Motivating and Start Enabling

Have you ever tried to motivate someone and wondered why that didn’t seem to work?

Have you listened to a motivational CD or attended a program with a motivational speaker and been charged up and ready to take on the world, only to forget what that program told you by the next day?

Motivating is not something one person can do to another. That’s because true motivation is an internal force within each of us. No one can truly motivate another person. Sure, a leader can cause people to do what that leader wants, but that’s behavior modification, not motivation. It’s only when leaders understand how to help others achieve the needs that motivate them that they will achieve much greater success.

In this presentation, the audience will learn, – The true nature of motivation. – Why they can’t motivate other people. – How enabling motivation results in better customer service. – How to develop truly engaged workers. – Why they will be more successful when they help others reach for what motivates them.

Leadership Lessons From the Flightline

What I Learned From a Career With Airplanes and Explosives

There are few jobs as stressful as ensuring airplanes fly safely, unless it’s ensuring that explosives don’t go off when they aren’t supposed to.  I’ve successfully led organizations that do both. With “Leadership Lessons From the Flightline,” I’ll bring your audience secrets of real leadership by weaving interesting and often funny stories and examples into a tapestry of leadership techniques I’ve found successful throughout mylong career.

Audience members will learn how to, Increase productivity – Reduce employee problems – Lead more effective teams – Have better employees – Improve customer service.

For a catalog of other programs I can offer please visit my information kit.

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Meeting Planners

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