Bob does a great job of bringing leadership to the forefront for supervisors and managers.

Dick Bruso
Heard Above the Noise
Excellent speech! The presentation was humorous and you did a great job presenting the different generations without taking sides. I was impressed with how you got the audience involved and I enjoyed your stories.


I really enjoyed your speech and I want your book!

Linda Leazar
Midland, TX
Bob really connects with the audience from beginning to end!

Professor Ralph Liebhaber
U.S. Air Force Institute of Technology
I had the opportunity to have Bob Mason of RLM Planning and Leadership conduct two workshops for the Sandoval County Small Business Development Center recently.  The two workshops that Bob taught were; "Strategic Planning" and "Leadership".

Mr. Mason did an excellent job presenting two difficult subjects and he did this in a manner that was both interesting and informative.  He has a great visual presentation and encourages the audience to ask questions or otherwise engage in the learning experience.  I sat in on both classes and I thought so much of the content and presentation that I recommended the classes to my fellow SBDC directors as possible offerings that they might consider for their respective centers.

I have personally attended professional management training at Stanford University, Thunderbird International School of Management, Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University, and INSEAD in Fontainebleu, France among others and I can say that the quality and level of information of Bob's presentation is on a par with instructors at these institutions.  I would recommend Mr. Mason to anyone seeking to gain insight into the two workshops that he presented for the SC SBDC.

Ted Trujillo - Director
Sandoval County SBDC
When it comes to leadership, Bob Mason is the total package.

His value is found in his years of experience at all levels of leadership in the organization, and that transcends all the book knowledge and theories in the world – hands down!  Too many people can identify the problem, but they can’t figure out the solution.  Bob is that rare individual who can identify the problem, figure out the solution and actively lead the implementation.

He took over a troubled staff with nationwide responsibility, sized up their needs in less than a month, laid out a road map, set goals, and led the charge to get them functioning as a cohesive team.  He hammered out the details, planned the changes and began implementing policy.  That’s what effective leaders do:  they identify the problems, determine what needs to be done, and then they lead from the front.  Active leadership is critical in any leadership job whether at the top or bottom of the organization.

This is not a diamond in the rough – this one is cut and polished with all the characteristics of the brilliant lustrous stone.  He’s the total package.  He knows how to lead and people respond to his rock solid leadership.  He gets the most out of people.


Hugh Campbell
USAF (Ret)
Bob's skills with leadership and planning have been born from exhaustive experience in the military, building men and planning success! Plan to develop leading pathways to profit with Bob Mason as your guide!

John Meluso, Speaker
Bob has brought simplicity to what has previously been a "complicated" process.


Karen Howard
Enchantment Land CDC
Bob made the information simple, relative, and easy to understand. Great use of examples helped me really understand.


John White
Fundamental Fitness Concepts
Bob was very informative and gave me a good idea of how to set up and execute a strategic plan.


Adam White
Fundamental Fitness Concepts
Great speech. It was one of the few that I actually remember.

Karen Hemsing
ITT Technical Institute