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 This may not apply to you.

But I bet it does.

Research reveals that about 95% of the managers who supervise people have never received training in leading people. Do you have some of those managers at your company? Are you one of those managers; struggling to lead but never having the opportunity to learn basic leadership skills?

Are you experiencing some of the problems that result from managers who haven’t been given the opportunity to develop those basic leadership skills?

___Lack of Accountability                                      ___Lack of Conflict Resolution

___No Clear Expectations                                    ___Lack of Trust

___Ineffective Teamwork                                       ___Low Employee Engagement

___High Employee Turnover                                ___Reduced Productivity

___Poor Communication                                      ___Discipline Problems

­­­___Poor Time Management                                 ___Failure to Set and Reach Goals


Sound familiar? Could you use some improvement in these areas? Be a more effective leader and a better manager. Contact me to improve your leadership skills.

Have you developed a leadership philosophy? Do people know what to expect from you – your values, expectations, pet peeves, priorities, and non-negotiables? Wouldn’t you like your leadership to tell you these things? Your people would appreciate knowing them too.

Academy Leadership skills training will help you develop your own leadership philosophy. Your people will thank you and you’ll address many of the problems cited above.

More about developing your leadership skills with Academy Leadership programs.


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  •    Energize2Lead Profile Workshop
  •    Leadership Compass 360
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  •    Lead2Succeed



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