Leadership will make or break your company.

Not just executive leadership, but leadership at all levels, even the most junior supervisors. You know this. Many executive leaders say they would really appreciate it if managers would act more like leaders. The problem is, many supervisors and managers have not learned the fundamentals of leadership.

Not only is that causing you frustration, it’s costing you money!


Ineffective leadership results in higher turnover, lower productivity, EEO complaints, mishaps, and shrinkage.

Leadership development is an investment in the future success and sustainability of your company. The good news is that it’s one of the fastest investments to amortize because you’ll begin to see and benefit from results very quickly!

There is an important synergy between leaders at all levels of the organization. At the lowest level supervisors need to have at least a basic understanding of leading people and as they progress, need to master more complex leadership responsibilities and the ability to work with and develop the leaders at the lower levels of the organization. Terrific success results when everyone is in sync.



I help companies develop energized leaders, engaged employees, and more profits by training supervisors and managers to lead people. I learned leadership and leadership development in the U.S. Air Force. Since retiring from the military I’ve made it my mission to help everyone have the kind of great leaders I’ve worked with.

My Approach

Your supervisors and managers are leaders. When you have a good leadership development program, those leaders will cut costs and increase profits.

Experience has taught me that when new leaders learn the basic concepts of good leadership, the organization sees a vast improvement in things like employee morale and engagement, turnover, and customer service.

Becoming a good leader won’t happen overnight, but it isn’t terribly difficult either.

I’ve learned that the best way for new leaders to learn the craft is to help them master the basics, while providing support as they grow into their leadership role.

And that’s how I approach leadership development: teach basics first, add more advanced techniques as leaders progress and take on greater responsibility, and establish leadership development as a permanent part of the organization’s culture.

That’s how you will build a strong, effective leadership development program.


 My pledge to you.

If you embrace the leadership development techniques I present, I guarantee

1. Your business or organization will improve.

2. You’ll experience a noticeable improvement in employee engagement…

3. … and a decrease in employee turnover.

Leadership development isn’t hard, but does require commitment.


I have certain Guiding Principles that govern how I work.

1. I work with clients. It’s a collaborative effort which means I will give you my very best, but you must also be willing to think beyond where you are today.

2. I will always be honest with you. I may not always tell you what you want to hear, but I will always tell you what I think you need to know. By the same token, I expect you to be honest with me. Only with that kind of relationship can we succeed in making your business or organization excel.

3. I will never ask you to adopt a technique or method that I have not personally found to be successful. Your business is not my research project.

4. I operate with an inviolate set of values. These are not negotiable or situational.

a. Integrity – I will not be dishonest and I won’t tolerate dishonesty from others.

b. Excellence – I put my best into what I do. If you want to excel, you will too.

c. Courage – I’m not afraid to try new things, but I will not compromise my beliefs.