Are you happy with the direction your company or organization is going?

Are you getting where you want to go as fast as you would like, or are competitors leaving you in the dust?

Do you develop the leaders within your company or organization?

Do you have a solid strategic plan to move your company or organization forward?


RLM Planning and Leadership concentrates on developing leadership skills and creating effective strategic plans because they are the most important components of your success.

Developing leadership skills.

Whether front line supervisors, mid-level managers, or senior executives, effective leaders are what separate good companies from great companies. The leadership skills that make them effective don’t just happen but result from study, training, and application.

RLM Planning and Leadership is now affiliated with Academy Leadership, a company dedicated to developing leaders who get results. With this partnership, you can now get the benefit of Bob Mason’s 35+ years of leadership experience combined with the great tools for leadership development and even more extensive experience of the Academy Leadership network of affiliates.

The programs we offer are designed to help leaders, from new supervisors to experienced executives, develop their leadership skills. Our programs are not just classes that bombard students with a lot of information that’s a mile wide and an inch deep. Instead, we provide in-depth study where workshop participants can explore, practice, and internalize the skills and techniques that will make them more effective leaders.

Go to Developing Leadership Skills to get started.


Strategic Planning

Do the leaders in your company or organization know why you exist and what you do?

Do you have clear cut goals, and do you track those goals? Does everyone know their part in accomplishing those goals?

Amazingly, many companies and organizations do not have an effective strategic plan and are just surviving, moving from one crisis to the next. Those companies, and more importantly their people, have no concept of what is really important to their success.

That’s costing you efficiency and success and that means it’s costing you money!

Creating a good strategic plan does not have to be difficult. The Plan to Excel™ Model, developed over 25 years of strategic planning in many different types of organizations, takes the leadership team through a logical process that identifies the essential elements that lead to success.

Go to The Plan to Excel™ Model and get your company or organization focused.


The RLM Planning and Leadership Pledge

If you embrace the leadership development and strategic planning techniques I present, I guarantee

1. Your business or organization will improve.

2. You’ll experience a noticeable improvement in employee engagement…

3. … and a decrease in employee turnover.